Top 5 Best Mini Electric Skateboards Reviewed and Rated in 2022


Nowadays, many e-board firms are now creating more miniature electric skateboards for urban usage. These variants are lighter, easier to transport, more travel-friendly, and less expensive.

This collection of reviews will help you choose the finest small electric skateboard. We'll look at their distinguishing characteristics to help you figure out which of these best mini electric skateboards is right for you!!.

All of the skateboards on this list have been hand-picked to meet your specific demands. These small boards are fantastic alternatives with their own set of strengths and drawbacks. We've included a complete buyer's guide at the bottom of the list to assist you in making your pick.

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Let's go to the thorough reviews below!

The Best Electric Skateboards Reviews Of 2022

I chose the following goods as mini electric skateboards based on safety, speed, weight capacity, battery life, and customer support. I also considered the benefits and drawbacks of each skateboard.

Let's see my top five selections below.

#1. Swagtron NG-3 - Best For Overall

Swagtron NG3 is a breeze to ride. I like how it comes to a halt. The engine will stop if you jump off or drag his foot.

It's similar to how you'd stop a regular skateboard. Because the LED lights are brilliant at night, I'm sure that people will see them.

When you put your foot on the board, smart sensors on the board recognize your presence and begin the journey automatically with a push. It's also the best electric skateboard for those who want something small and light.
The Swagtron NG3 electric skateboard is an excellent choice for beginners.


* Operates with sensors
Lightweight and compact.
The maximum speed is 9.3 mph.
Range of up to 6.3 miles.

There is no manual speed control.

The balanced electrical system on this smart electric skateboard protects against overvoltage, overcharging, and temperature spikes.

#2. WOOKRAYS Electric Skateboard - Best for Long-Lasting

WOOKRAYS electric skateboard appeals to individuals of all ages and abilities. Even if you do not have the essential skills, you can easily use this skateboard.

It can help you feel at ease when riding it. It comprises seven layers of Canadian maple, making it very flexible and long-lasting.

A sturdy frame supports its wheels. As a result, it can sustain any impact or stamping damage without deforming.

The wheels are also incredibly robust. It is constructed of Pu material to absorb most of the shocks, resulting in an enjoyable riding experience.

The battery is tiny and only ideal for short errands, but it charges quickly. It can get you up to a maximum range of 3 miles in a single charge while taking less than 2 hours to charge the battery completely.

In a nutshell, this skateboard has a lengthy life expectancy. In addition, its price makes it super affordable.


* Durable
Charge quickly

Not very fast

The Wookrays H2S is an excellent first shortboard. It is incredibly portable, weighing just 7.7 pounds and relatively tiny in size.

It is a fantastic electric machine to travel on for youngsters, teens, female skateboarders, or anybody weighing less than 176 pounds. Furthermore, the pricing makes it quite reasonable.

#3. Meepo Mini 2 – Best for Light Weight

What I enjoy about the deck is how straightforward it is. There are no unusual angles or intricate cuts.
The kicktail has been taller a bit to make it easier to manage. So far, I don't see any difficulty skating this little deck since everything is set up for a good ride.

If you're utilizing this board to travel or go from point A to point B, you'll be able to blend in thanks to its tiny size, lightweight, and quiet hub motors.

Furthermore, the LCD that displays the remaining percentage is a beautiful addition to Meepo's battery. There's also a USB port for charging other gadgets if necessary. This board's pricing is particularly enticing to beginner riders. 


Good Stability
Slim and Sleek design
Reasonable price


The range is not so impressive

This board is great for kids because of its small size, lightweight, and low cost. Overall, I feel the Meepo Mini 2 ER affordable electric skateboard is excellent for experienced riders and those on a tight budget!!.

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#4. Teamgee H20 mini – Best for Speed Adjustment

The H20 Mini is considerably smaller and more accessible to transport boards than its predecessor. The kicktail shape with the grip tape gives it the retro surfboard vibe.

The body is made of Canadian maple wood. This board has a sturdy feel from top to bottom, and it has a good range.

Each ride feels steady and straightforward to turn since there is no flex. I experienced many speed wobbles during my ride, particularly at higher speeds.

The H20 mini seems to be the right size for everybody, young or elderly. With a hint of nostalgia in the appearance and a motor behind it, it may appeal to many experienced skaters.

However, youngsters as young as 13 might use this to walk down the street to a friend's home or have fun at the park.

It might be a nice entry-level e-skate for someone who is just getting started and wants something small and portable.


Extremely long-range capabilities
A kicktail is excellent for cutting and having a good time.
A shortboard is ideal if you need to take anything, such as at the store.
Riding is enjoyable.


Motors with no sensors.

The H20 mini will be an excellent electric board for anybody who needs to go from point A to point B quickly. If you decide to buy it, you will not be disappointed with what it offers.

#5. DREAMVAN E-Skateboard – Best for Wireless Remote Control

The Dreamvan Electric Skateboard is CE certified, indicating that it meets all safety and protection regulations.
The design and feel of this skateboard's remote controller are both fantastic. It provides a secure grip and is pleasant to grasp.

The stepping surface is also a safety feature. It comes with an abrasive anti-slip grip strip that keeps me in place when riding. This grip tape is durable enough to keep me balanced and steady when riding.

This skateboard brand's deck is very sturdy, in my opinion. It's made of high-quality 7-ply Canadian maple wood glued together using a sophisticated adhesive that amazes me.

On the negative, I believe the acceleration of this skateboard is a little slower than that of other skateboards. Additionally, avoid placing too much weight on the right side of the skateboard.


Safe to use
The remote control is pleasant to use
Abrasive anti-slip grip tape for stability and balance
Made of lightweight, high-quality Canadian maple.


Acceleration is slower than on other skateboards

There are safety features on every element of this skateboard. It also includes a stepping surface and a comfy remote.

Buying Guide

Here are some things to look for when buying a mini electric skateboard:

Type Of Motor

Hub motors and belt-drive motors are the two most common motor types.

The hub motors are smaller, quieter, and less noticeable! It delivers higher torque and hence superior acceleration and hill-climbing capabilities.

Belt motors provide several benefits as well. With belt-driven engines, you may utilize regular wheels!!.

Check out other good electric skateboards available at eSkateBuddy!


Electric skateboards are inherently hazardous since they may reach speeds at which you might be injured if you fall off. So, one of the requirements for inclusion in our list of the most delicate tiny electric skateboards is that they are safe.


It's always preferable to acquire the most range possible. You may save a lot of money by purchasing something with a smaller range but sufficient coverage.


Your range will undoubtedly be limited because there isn't enough room on tiny boards for a large battery. It will help if you get a commission with a high-capacity, high-quality battery.


If your board and deck are small, you'll need some good wheels to keep the vibrations from bumpy roads from ruining your ride. Check if the wheels have the correct diameter.


For me, a comfortable cruising pace is approximately 15.5 mph. If you exceed this speed, check out this episode to know how to slow down your board.


Fortunately, most of the tiny electric skateboards on our list are inexpensive. The bulk of them is in the $350 to $1,500 bracket.

Please keep a lookout for discounts, since they are often offered throughout the year. I'll also provide discount codes for most companies that you may use to get a better deal.

The Bottom Line

Mini-electric skateboards are among the most entertaining e-boards available. You may obtain a particularly nimble riding feeling because of its design.

You can turn around sharper curves, launch off curbs, and generally have a terrific time. I hope you found this information interesting and find the ​​best mini electric skateboard via this post.

Which electric skateboard is your favorite? Please let me know!


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